Division East Distribution - Past, Present, & Future

Division East’s presence in the New Jersey skateboard community began in 2000 as a small shop in downtown Montclair.  Founder Dave Dowd married top name brands with underground soft and hard goods in an effort to deliver the products true skateboarders desired.  He started the shop over 10 years ago and it has since grown into a community of DIY rippers paving their own ground, producing the goods they wanted to see in the skateboard world.  Since its inception, the shop has seen multiple locations in Downtown Montclair; however, due to economic hardships, the day has come for DE to close its doors as a shop and rise from its ashes as Division East Distribution.  Division East Distribution will act as a marketing and distribution father figure for some of the underground brands developing in the good ol’ dirty jersey. 

Division East Distribution and the family of brands all share a common interest in growing the skateboard community in a positive way; supporting each other and all who share the pure passion of riding a skateboard.  Division East and the brands it represents all have a history of collaborating with local skate artists and musicians, supporting local shops, and using skateboarder owned services as often as possible.  There have been highs and lows, speed bumps and runways, but Division East has kept its local presence; it’s time for new growth, a time for the brands all of our close friends are nurturing to come together and find new daylight.

We are Division East Distribution, we are here to stay; check out our Family of Brands on our Brands page.


Rising from the ashes of Division East Skateshop we present Division East Distribution.

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